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Southwest Airlines
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  • 1 day ago
  • Airlines
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Bad Airline Service
  • 4

Delayed again tonight in Baltimore. I just count on it these days. SWA text alert system is a joke. I'd say its inaccurate 80% of the time. This has caused me to miss flights on business trips and miss important meetings. Very frustrating to say the least. Flight attendants used to outshine the industry and seemed endlessly happy compared to all other major carriers. Not any more. What happened?... Read more

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I flew for the first time in my life period and I took southwest and I couldnt believe how rude the flight attendants were everytime. I can honestly say I wont ever take southwest airlines again and I dnt blame anyone who feels the same way I do!!!!!! Add comment

Stuck in Baltimore...again. Miranda (supervisor) saunters over conveniently as they lined us up for boarding and yes, we are boarding AFTER the flight was supposed to arrive in Hartford. 38% of my 40 flights YTD late average of 50 minutes. What's happened to Southwest? Add comment

  • Jul 17
  • Airlines
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Check-In Line
  • 2

Don't fly Southwest out of the Denver airport. Their mobile webpage didn't work so I couldn't get a boarding pass on my phone so I had to check in at the airport. Imagine the longest line you've ever stood in at an airport and then double it. The line was sooooooo long it was unbelievable. Then my luggage didn't arrive and I had to pick it up later at the airport because I didn't check in on... Read more

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Flew into San Jose twice and both times Southwest has lost my luggage. Will not be flying with them again. No excuse for such sloppiness. Add comment

Sitting on a tarmac for an hour to wait for 6 passengers and two pilots on another delayed flight. No explanation until it is time to leave. 100 plus of us now late to our destination. No one seems to care. Wonder why I stopped flying them even though I'm an A+ member. Add comment

  • Jul 11
  • Airlines
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Flight Cancelling Process
  • 7

Flown hundreds of flights, spend hundreds of thousands for tickets over 30 years for self and employees. Went through online process of canceling flight 5 hours prior. Actually printed out a page that showed my revs. # cancelled and credit amount. But apparently did not hit final final final button to confirm cancellation. But why would system print out a page that shows it cancelled? Asked... Read more

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Stranded in the Baltimore airport because of missed Southwest connection. It appears that weather is the cloak to cover this airline ability to leave their customers stranded with little recourse. Add comment

  • Jul 09
  • Airlines
  • Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  • Terrible Customer Service
  • 15

After being stranded in St. Louis on 7/8 due to weather, my wife and I rescheduled our second leg of our flight home with a gate agent for the following morning. We had the choice of an earlier flight that stopped in Dallas, or a later flight that was direct. We chose the later flight, telling the agent we definitely didn't want to have a layover or have to *** twice. The tickets were issued... Read more

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Very disappointed. Our flight was delay 7 hours and then canceled so we had to spend the night in Chicago . No assistance to where we could spend the night or what to do about out check in bags. Then they couldn't find my bags for a day. When I wanted to complain they just laugh at me and were rude. Add comment

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