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Bad policy We are 4 in family and we all had to seat in middle seat Dum idea Add comment

Because American gets most of my business, flying Southwest reminds me a loading up the cattle cars on the way to the slaughter house. This morning as I tried to get to New York, I got slaughtered instead. Even though I fly 20 times per year on Southwest, I have no preferred status with them. My A-list preferred status was withdrawn last year because I didn't do 25 flights. I wish they had more competition at Love Field because I love the... Read more

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Sothwest Air Charleston employee Clarence Hastler is a poor reflection for an otherwise great company. He was rude, spit on me and even shoved me before I could get away from him. He is a baggage handler and Southwest would well advised to keep him far away from their customers. Add comment

Flying from san antonio tx to el paso tx and have to say theres a group of kids traveling with a school and kids boarded and the coaches tolr us paying customers we were not allowed to sit next to any kids!! Really???? Were are we suppose to sit i paid for this flight afterall right??!!! Add comment

Flight attendent was rude to me on Flight to Boston. We were talking to the couple next to us about going to Boston Marathon and our pets etc. and she said we were too loud. When I asked her if anyone had complained, she said she could hear us in the rear galley (we were the 2nd seat from there) and if she could hear us it might be bothering other people. We complied, but I will never fly Southwest again after this trip. She was rude and... Read more

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Our flight was scheduled to leave at 12:50pm on Saturday April 9 2016 from Las Vegas to Chicago. We checked in at the airport at approx. 10:30am. and were told there was a delay. From that point on the delays were approx. every hour until we finally took off at approx. 6:30pm. We were told that the delays were because of weather (excessive rain) and that we had to wait for our plane to be able to arrive from Arizona and that depended on the... Read more

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The good thing about acute myeloid leukemia was realizing that I have a great support network of friends and family. The bad thing is dealing with Customer Service at Southwest Airlines. The story in a nutshell is that out of the blue I was diagnosed with ALM on August 2, 2015. I was in hospital from August 2, 2015 to August 24 2015, I was released the 24th, but then returned to the hospital almost daily for transfusions and blood draws. I... Read more

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Just landed at Burbank airport. There is no ramp space so here we are wasting our time because of there poor facilities management. Add comment

I am looking for fellow travelers who have had problems with booking flights on the Southwest Airlines online and then requesting changes and being charged twice for the same flight. I never received any emails on the duplicate booking and even though we traveled on the the date we booked, I was charged for a no show on the duplicate booking. Southwest has a very stringent "no show" policy (even though we actually flew that day. This seems like... Read more

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I requested a refund of my money and customer service told me that I was not entitled to a refund. However, if I could provide paperwork about my hardship that my money would be returned. I'm puzzled at this action because if I have paperwork or not my circumstances don't change. Yet I did not use my ticket and the request was made one day after the purchase of the ticket. The customer service representatives were very rude!! I asked to speak... Read more

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