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They are cheap for a reason. Dont fly with them I rather pay the price for good service then go thru *** and be strangled at the airport for hours.

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This is the second rude flight attendant I've experienced with Southwest. I may look young for my age, but I am a 41 year old professional adult and expect to be treated as such. On my 8:40 am flight from OAK to Long Beach this morning Karen was repeatedly rude to me. I asked for a cup of water and apple juice. She refused to give me both as if I made some grand ridiculous request! She continued to be rude with each interaction and I finally had... Read more

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My husband have aphasia. From a stroke. He need wheel chair assistance. South west assure me. That we can get boarding pass to the gate. On departure it was ok. But when he arrive to Texas. They wheel my husband off the plane and left him in a corner like a piece of trash. They would not give my daughter a boarding pass to go get him. Because TSA was close. But who ever wheel him off of plane. I call southwest 2 times before departure. Making... Read more

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I have a credit of $236 (RHRN5D) which I need to transfer to someone who is flying to New York on Southwest. I have been told that I am the only person who can use them. You have my money and I should be able to use it anyway I deem. It is not making any difference to the company. I am giving these to a Cancer Survivor who is celebrating her 5 yrs free of Cancer. Please give this consideration. I have used half of the credits already and do... Read more

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SW cancelled our flight on Sept. 22nd from San Diego to Las Vegas non-stop, (about 1 hr.) They re-booked us the day after, Sept 23rd, on a flight that took 4 hours with a layover in Dallas (almost the same time we would have traveled, if we went by car). Doing so we obviously missed our first night at the hotel in Las Vegas. At the time of the re-booking we were told by SW to call SW customer relation to have the hotel reimburse as it was their... Read more

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Booked a standby flight at the ticket counter, was told i didn't have to check my bag. Had to end up checking the bag because i couldn't go through security with my bag. The first time going through security, i was told i didn't have to remove my jacket. The second time through security, i had to get back in line to remove my jacket. I go through the scanner with flying colors only top be called back so my hair could be patted down! Missed my... Read more

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1- Flying from Denver to PDX on 9/26/16 I felt the attendants were not very friendly, nor was there much service. After snacks delivered and garbage picked up once, that was the end of it. I did not enjoy holding a cup of ice for an hour. Fake smiles too. Seems over all service is going down. Also was suppose to get a credit on early bird fee from June for a plane that was delayed 4 hours. Flight from PDX to Sacramento. I was put on... Read more

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I went to ask customer service agent a question at the desk, As soon as I spoke excuse me, she proceeded to yell at me''Not Right Now Go Away"". I mean yell from the top of her lungs. The whole airport next to me was starring along with my four year old son. So i walked away and went to another flight desk and asked to speak with supervisor. The lady there already knew why as she had heard. So when the supervisor comes out she basically says... Read more

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My cousin died in a horrible explosion and although I tried to cancel a flight, the cancellation didn't process. No one at southwest has a heart or cares or are willing to help us- we have record of the computer history showing we tried to cancel the flight- we have death certificate and we have tv and news coverage- yet they refuse to give us a $200 credit- seriously- this airline who says they provide great customer service - what a farce Read more

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Just lost 80,00 Rapid Rewards points from Southwest because they do not allow any changes to hotel or car rental reservations. Why is it that we can cancel/change flights within 24 hours but no changes are allowed for hotel or car. Travel plans change all the time and if we need to make changes within 24 hours, we should not be penalized for it. Customer Service did nothing to assist with the changes and could care less if customers cancelled... Read more

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