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One of the common incorrect assumptions is to think that airlines that are still looking for TAXPAYER'S BAILOUT is that they do the RIGHT THINGS. It is sometimes even assumed that they have a broader considerably of values for active duty military and veterans.

You would even probably further consider that anyone that are or has been military afflicted would be valued to this country. What is important is that decisions and opinions when interpreted in writing are obvious statements that has an impact on individual lives. It cannot be denied that some airlines will use their authority in self-serving ways. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic I had booked tickets on Southwest Airlines.

For years, I had been traveling with them and THOUGHT I had finally found a TRUSTWORTHY and RESPECTFUL airline as a veteran. The reservations were canceled due to the COVID-19 high peak outbreak. Southwest sent an email stating that I had a grace period until fiscal year 2021 to utilize the canceled tickets due to the COVID-19 issue. Relying strictly upon the email I decided to rebook another reservations for the prior paid airline tickets.

Well the fabricators and manipulators that has a vested interest in misleading the public L-I-E-D!

Well when you want to confuse and distract through deception what better way to do it during the COVID-19 epidemic I called the airline and was told that the tickets was NO GOOD and I would have to pay 100 dollars additional to make new reservations although, I lost 88 dollars. Now they want to push their BAILOUT strategy and use their platform of perceived creditability while constantly using deceptive tactics for financial gain.


Monetary Loss: $273.

Preferred solution: refund or honor purchase price.

Southwest Airlines Pros: Baggage, Bags fly free.

Southwest Airlines Cons: Poor customer service.

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Sounds like you let your credit expire.Your credit your responsibility


You again! First you’re sore because you were kicked out of a Walmart now you’re here whining. No one cares..


Love how you try to pad out your lame complaint with irrelevant facts. You being a veteran has nothing to do with anything.

Just a way to whip up a little sympathy. Not to worry, here's what you do. Pull the terms YOU agreed to, find the special vet's get whatever they want clause or exemptions based on (insert situation) happens and you should be golden. If you don't have that, YOU will have to adult up and honor the terms YOU took on when YOU agreed to them.

You did READ and UNDERSTAND them right? Sounds like you didn't or you lied when you said you did and had zero plans on honoring your end.

You are owed nothing because you're a veteran other than what was promised to you and paid for by the taxpayers. OK...Say it..."You must work for them.'

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