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Called to attempt refund or info on alternatives after my elderly friend was hospitalized and thus could not take the flight I'd paid for.

Starting early Sunday morning, I've now been on HOLD on SW's "customer service" for over 2 hours.

User's recommendation: Get a working emergency phone # for SouthWest WHEN YOU PAY FOR TICKETS---or prepare to sacrifice hours of your life you cannot get back--AND YOUR MONEY paid for tickets. As of 2 hours and 10 minutes ago, Southwest Owes me for both.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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" Get a working emergency phone # " And what would you expect of this "emergency" number? Would you expect it to put you to the head of the call queue line, in front of others who have been waiting on hold just as long as you have?

How would you define an "emergency" that would allow you to line jump? How is your "emergency" any more urgent than someone else's. It's clear you have an internet connection, go to their site, and cancel the flight. You may or may not get your money back.

You agreed to this when you signed up.

Or could it be you think by talking to a person and spewing a lame story will get you points? I apologize if you're a teen who doesn't have the sense to figure out how things work in the real adult world.

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