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A Southwest employee broke my anonymity by checking the flight manifest and divulging my travel schedule with my close family members. I'll never fly Southwest again - especially knowing that nothing is confidential!

My family did not need to know I was flying, when I was flying or where I was flying. The employee actually stepped right in front of me as I was walking. I had to stop short or have a collision. I now know that a specific Southwest employee is watching my whereabouts and will 'report' where I am traveling.

This should be against the law, or at least, against Southwest policy, to say the least. I am very dissatisfied.

Review about: Southwest Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Please ask your doctor for another .25mg of whatever you're taking. That should take the edge off that paranoia.

I'm sure you family calling the airline was probably for the good of everyone on flight if you complaint actually happened in the real worl.

to Anonymous #1403176

" if you complaint actually happened in the real worl" School much?

to Punky #1404240

Hello grammar police. Have you ever heard of a cell phone?

Typos happen, especially with tiny keyboards and autocorrect - you need something to occupy your time if you have time to make remarks like this.

As for the actual post, IF this happened the way you said it did, then it needs to be reported to the authorities as laws were violated. I suspect something is off with this story.

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