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My husband and I flew home from Florida yesterday. We noticed a gentleman in the airport not wearing a mask while talking on phone in the Southwest passenger area.

I was surprised that nothing was said to him then. Gentleman then boarded the plane not wearing a mask (the one he did have around his neck is listed as not acceptable) then proceeded to eat and drink while flight attendants walked by looking in the other direction, never acknowledging him. Every time I looked over at gentleman while napping or just sitting there, a mask was not worn. My husband and I just flew to and from Florida last month on Southwest and the flight crew was diligent about enforcing mask wearing for everyone's safety.

I said something to the captain while departing, and he just kept thanking me instead of acknowledging my complaint. Infuriating and disappointed at lack of mask enforcement for the safety of all passengers.

User's recommendation: Say something to service desk or flight crew before departure.

Preferred solution: reassurance that this will not happen again .

Location: Alden, New York

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So, in fear you and your husband got off of the plane and caught another flight? If yes, good for you. If not, you're a poser.

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