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4-26-2021 Flight#903 I forgot my personal carryon tote denim bag with white strips in airplane underseat. Unbelievable a gentle man cleaning for covid and fly attendant picking up underneath trash and placing it in trash bag.

Did not see my bag. If cleaning was taking place. Once I notice I forgot my bag. I went to information center same day.

Before Houston airplane would arrive to New Orleans. A black women in the information center baggage and something with red sweater black blouse and pants with hair up. As I was telling her I forgot my bag she humiliate me that I did not know I was at houston. When I told her I got off from Houston airplane flight#903 at that moment.

And that the same flight #903 was going to New Orleans and my tote bag was in there.If she could help me? She said, "you are repeadly you are in houston.... rudely with attitude and tone but not loud. She told me to call new orleans.

I told her I told her I was going to pay $39 so they can search my bag. I ask her what I had it to do? She said why are you going to do that. She gave me the number to New orleans 504617**** and said to call once they stop and I said Thank you.

told hank you.

However She was rude and then she calm and gave me New Orleans . She could have done more but no. She did not told me to make a report or anything. She could probably let them know once airplane stop.

I call New Orleans the men told me to do a report online. I had told him the bag was in the New Orleans heading his way. I told him I had jewlry money xr11 and much more personell is careless needs training. Eventhogh that is not there job of carryon personell should better direct you.

At least thats what I do try to help customers the best I can because I care because I like customers and my job. He said to make report online. Not to mention during the flight to houston. It was stressful we could not get drinks or use restroom because pilot good comprehensive reasons.

No customer service.

f Unbelievable whsons. chns.

User's recommendation: Keep your bag next to you. Eventhough fly attendant says not to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Southwest Airlines Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 7910 Airport Boulevard, Houston, TX 77061

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Personal responsibility 101 for dummies is down the hall, to the right. I’m guessing you left out a lot.

No one just goes off and “humiliates” drama queens. You were probably told what YOU didn’t want to hear multiple times before it escalated.

Listen princess, they have a time schedule to keep. They won’t miss their goal and inconvenience the other 100 or so passengers because of a fool like you who was too stupid to get her junk.

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