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I had a flight from Chicago on 09/04/2013 at 8:10 AM with flt 184 from Southwest airlines. In their terms & conditions you should be at the door at least 10 mins before the flight. I was shecked in at 7:42 and at the door couple of minutes before 8:00AM but the door was closed. There was another lady who suffered with the same problem. We went to gate next to our gate and the lady over there confirmed we were there on time, apologized for not being able get us in the plane because it left 8:18 and put us in the next flight. I had a commitment so I double checked if I will be in LI by the evening she said for sure. I took the first flight to make transfer from Baltimore and in Baltimore I learned from the supervisor there at 5:30PM that I am in stand by list in a fully booked flight for my transfer. The next available flight with seats available is in 4 days! I explained the story to supervisor by giving specific details like the lady I spoke so that she can double check if I am lying or its their fault or my initial flight number so that they can find out the person who closed the door early but they only apologize and give suggestions like renting a car and drive there.

Even if they are really desperate about finding a flight; the fact that they are not concerned about tracking who behaved carelessly from their staff like the guy who closed the door early or lady who guaranteed that I will fly shows that how much they are happy about their staff problems and not willing to change anything by following the feedback. Their problem solving is about saying “I am sorry and giving driving directions” and investigating if their staff made error for preventing future problems is not there at all.

PS: Just to give idea about their other problems, their flight 998 from Baltimore supposed to leave at 6:55 is delayed two times, then they announced that it actually never left Tampa to come here due to a maintenance problem and and they hope to have it after 9PM. All ticketed customers are suffering too. They are hilarious.


Product or Service Mentioned: Southwest Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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