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I scheduled a 730pm flight. My plans changed and I showed up at the airport at 1pm in an attempt to fly standby.

The gate agent told me that there were seats available on the aircraft that was boarding and they would be happy to let me board if I would pay the difference to the full price fare. The difference was about $300.

I asked for clarification on the policy and the agent explained that the company would allow the plane to fly with 1 person on it rather than allow paying passengers to board an earlier flint without a full price ticket.

I called Southwest customer service and they confirmed this was their policy.

Southwest now joins United as one of my least favorite airlines. They've lost my business unless I have no choice but to use them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Southwest Airlines Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Most airlines charge a change fee plus the difference.sW just asks you pay the difference.the reasonIf they didn't people would just buy the cheapest least desirable flight then just change it to a more expensive oneIts like buying a hundred dollar lawnmower then a week later trading it in for a $400 one and not wanting to pay the difference


So what’s the issue? Just wait for the flight you paid for and problem solved.

You just cannot expect that they are going to make allowances just for you. People can and do lose their job doing it. So instead of being understanding about the situation you instead show your behind, more then likely making a scene. YOU changed your plans not them.

They only have to do for you and hat they are LEGALLY allowed to do. Is it right? I don’t think so. But the situation is your doing and you cannot expect that they can do what you have ASSUMED!

Them asking you to pay full price for a emergency schedule change is NOT unreasonable. YOU may think it’s unfair but they are just like you. Trying to make a profit in life. Don’t hate because it’s not their fault YOU changed your travel plans.

When are you people going to learn that NOT getting into your way does NOT make a business bad. That’s just YOU being a special snowflake.

to Durpa #1468273

Oh Oh... You must work for (insert company) for making sense.Just kidding....

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