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The first leg of my flight home was a very short flight into Atlanta but it was delayed by 40 minutes. This out the time to catch the second leg of the flight to about 15 minutes from landing.

I had paid the early bird fee but still ended up with a B group boarding pass. Luckily when I got on...just a few rows from the front was a place for my bag and a couple of seats. However, there was a lady in the aisle seat who refused to let me sit there because she was saving 2 seats for friends in Boarding group C. I summoned the stewardess who told me they were hands off on the situation and asked me to sit a few rows back in the middle seat.

The middle doesn’t bother me because I am small but I was floored that I wasn’t allowed to sit in unoccupied seats on an airline that has open seating. I made my next flight because the gate was right next to where we landed but was one of the last on so at least there is that but I fo not understand why Southwest would make their customers basically duke it out for seats. Why do we have Boarding groups and numbers at all? Why ask some to pay for early bird checkin or priority seating when they get pushed back by cheaters?

Why not ask people to not save seats?

They don’t enforce personal items in the bins but if asked the person would remove the item because they know those are the rules..this would be the same. If someone wanted to sit in a saved seat, they should be permitted because those are the rules but since SW has no rule in place, there is no recourse to blatant unfairness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Announce No seat saving Policy.

I liked: Competitive prices, Usually reliable.

I didn't like: Completely unhelpful and rude, Allow customers to, Save seats.

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So you are seriously mad because this woman wanted to sit with her family? If they DID have a policy in place, you would have sat there even if she let you know that she was hoping to sit with her family? should do some serious thinking about what kind of person you are.

to Anonymous #1569174

The point is the OP PAID for the privilege of boarding early. The other passenger may have paid HER early boarding fee, got on early and began to save seats for her people who did not pay.

How is that fair to someone who PAID? Perhaps it is you who needs to either READ before commenting or you need to figure out what kind of person you are if you're supporting someone who is getting over on the system.

to Anonymous #1582188

Unbunch you panties for crying out loud! You are perhaps the one who didn't read as I never "supported someone who is getting over on the system".

I simply asked IF the policy WAS in place, would this guy seriously have told this woman No if she asked to sit by her family? I understand that they paid and it's unfortunate that they don't discourage seat saving.

HOWEVER.....if it were me and I had paid for the early boarding, I still would have sat someplace else if someone had asked me to allow them to sit with their family. Being a decent human being is FAR more important than getting my money's worth out of a flight.

to Anonymous #1569181

It wasn't her family. The two people she was saving seats for were colleagues.

She wouldn't tell me who she was saving seats for because she was embarrassed. Then they came on board and even a lady in front of her told her she shouldn't save seats at the front of the plane.

If she would have told me it was her kids or her husband, it might have been different however....I had a valid reason for needing to get off the plane quickly with no fault of my own since the flight was delayed. I also had a boarding pass much higher that I paid for than her 2 colleagues.


"that I wasn’t allowed to sit in " You were "allowed" to sit in the empty seat because YOU have zero heart. It's that simple.

I see people like you whine about folks holding seats. Next time do as I have, ask for $15.00 in cash right then and there or sit down and act like you have a spine.

to Anonymous #1568441

She would not move from the aisle seat so I could not sit down which is why I summoned the Stewardess. Her knees were on the seat in front of her and she would not move.

I have a spine which is why I summoned the stewardess. After I sat down, many others asked the same lady if they could sit there and she said no so they rolled their eyes and moved on. If you think I didn't have a spine then what do they have since they didn't even try like I did.

What does wanting to take an empty seat on an Open seating airline have to do with "zero heart". Wouldn't you think the lady had zero heart for my situation?

to Anonymous #1571596

My friend, I would gladly pay $15 to someone to be able to sit in their better seat. The last flight I ever flew was from Honolulu to San Francisco on a bargain advance purchase ticket.

i was stuck in the middle between two very very large college students in the middle seat and had their bodies pressed up against me for the entire flight back. I would gladly paid much more than $15 to have been able to switch seats to where I was sitting next to a normal sized person in either the window or aisle seat.

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