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I flew from Oakland to Burbank on Mother's Day 2015. I read the inflight entertainment guide in the seat back and shared the information contained therein with the man sitting next to me.

When the male steward asked him how he was going to pay for his drink, voucher or credit card he mentioned the promotion. The steward was verbally abusive to him and in a loud voice asked "are you a mother?" At that time I pointed out the brochure only stated "you have to be of age, of course." The steward focused then on me and in a loud voice said (twice) "SIR..PUT YOUR CANE NEXT TO THE WALL!" The steward ( I am guessing a retired policeman?) was all about AUTHORITY. When the drinks were served (after what sounded like a temper tantrum in the galley) I was ready to pay for mine with a credit card and was told, I took care of it." Fearing he did "take care of it" I held the drink for a while and poured it under my seat. My hands were shaking, no way i will ever fly this airline again.

Customer Service I spoke with twice, second time they offered a $50 voucher. I am contemplating a lawsuit, no one should be treated like this and the steward?

He should not be dealing with the public.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund. markm87111 is overall dissatisfied with Southwest Airlines and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about southwest airlines customer care at Southwest Airlines was policy and rude flight attendant , but reviewer liked flight destinations. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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San Francisco, California, United States #996328

Soutwest emailed me expressing their concern over the steward's behavior and offered me a $100 voucher which I have accepted. Just waiting for them to send it.

Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #993351

I am shocked that a promotion for a free drink on Mother's Day was for mothers. Who would have ever guessed that.

So you argued with the flight attendant about something which did not involve you. The flight attendant was then nice enough to give you a free drink. Then you pour your drink on the floor, damaging and dirtying the carpet. Now you want a lawsuit?

I doubt if Southwest Airlines wants passengers who intentionally throw their drinks on the floor either.

to Anonymous San Francisco, California, United States #993362

The promotion for a free drink was not only for mothers, that is my point. I merely pointed out what was written in Southwest's inflight entertainment guide.

I kept a copy. It reads: "Mark your calendars: drinks are on us.

Traveling during the holidays? If you're in the air with us, we'll get the festivities started with a drink on the house-if you're of age, of course." Says nothing about being a "mother" and by the stewards logic (or lack of it) who gets the free drink on Soutwest's Birthday, another of the 4 free drink holidays? The steward was beyond rude, I can deal with that.

He was abrasive and has authority issues. I am willing to bet he is a retired law enforcement officer. The first thing I will have an attorney do is request his employment record. Likely he has done this type of behavior to other Soutwest customers.

He should get a job as a mall cop, he has not business in the air, dealing with paying customers.

You must work for Southwest.

to markm87111 #1095316

First let me say that people CAN disagree with you and NOT work for the *** company.

Second, I too would reasonably agree that the Mother's Day promotion would be for MOTHERS, and the Father's Day promotion for FATHERS.

And the other two holidays for anyone of age.

Third, only unruly children toss tantrums in public and dump drinks on the floor. Your lawsuit should be countered by the airline for vandalism and your stupidity.

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