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Monday 18 Sep 2017 evening flight from New Mexico to Houston. Destination never reached due to weather and left to find a room, find a cab, find food out of my pocket and told to wait for morning flight to Houston and find a connecting flight to San Antonio and who knows if that will happen tomorrow.

So how does Southwest Airlines compensate for loss of time, wages, extra expenses and most of all loss of TRUST?

Maybe if they get hacked, and no flights get booked, they have to return $ back and deal with how we the customer feels when they expect a sure something but left waiting at the mercy of customers. Maybe they will feel it in their pockets when they do not meet their quotas and bottom line suffers.

Review about: Southwest Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: break in contract, left at different city without taking care of customer until next flight or book another flight to end destination for proper customer service..

Monetary Loss: $320.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Customer satisfaction.

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Just admit that you made this post because YOU THINK that you should be compensated for your time. Since you can't get any freebies out of the weather, you instead then turn your greediness on to the next group in line in your mind.

Funny really when you stop and think about it. You are so small and insignificant that your ego makes you demand something from a group that is just as much of a victim as you are. They cancel a flight due to forces outside their control and they lose tens of thousands of dollars. But YOU are so important.

YOU are so special that you are exempt from the terms and conditions that you agreed to upon purchasing your ticket. I would suggest that you takes a few moments to READ! No airline will give you squat for things outside their control.

You are not special and deserve nothing more then anyone else. Where is the compensation for the airline for having to deal with you?


No airline will pay for hotel or compensate for weather diversions or any other reason out of the airlines control.


Due to weather? Southwest does not need to compensate you for that.

If airlines had to pay for hotel, loss wages, etc. everytime there was a weather delay the tickets would cost a lot more.


Southwest owes you nothing if the cancellation was for weather. You speak of breaking a contract, a contract that I may remind you that you agreed to.

You know, the terms of service you probably didn't bother to read before hitting the little tick box similar to the one you hit when you posted.

Deal with it, this stuff happens when you fly.

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