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Delayed again tonight in Baltimore. I just count on it these days. SWA text alert system is a joke. I'd say its inaccurate 80% of the time. This has caused me to miss flights on business trips and miss important meetings. Very frustrating to say the least. Flight attendants used to outshine the industry and seemed endlessly happy compared to all other major carriers. Not any more. What happened?

What happened to my LUV airline? They bought AirTran and it's been downhill ever since. Too bad. I used to be SWA's biggest fan and I would sing their praises nationwide. But they no longer have my back and I cannot stand atop their bandwagon as I once did as a loyal customer. I'm so displeased that I am considering going back to American Airlines. Never in a 100 years would I have considered doing that. But, that's how bad SWA has become.

Herb, where are you? We desperately need you back to restore the LUV.

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They got too big for their britches. the whole international thing slows them down. I too was delayed twice this summer,and I only flew them twice.

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