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I miss flight 117 at 0910 this morning. I get help from the lady at Gate29 who was rude & who told me to go to next flight at Gate28, which was leaving for Austin but headed to PHX first. She told me to wait until everyone boards & then see if there was room on the plane. I waited until everyone boarded the plane & asked if there was anymore room so that I could board. Then the lady at that gate told me that I had to go to Gate29 to ask them to put me on standby. I end up missing THAT flight, too!

Then the lady at Gate29, Deborah Copeland, told me that she was Customer Service & that I was put on standby for the next flight which would be at 1540 at Gate C39. I end up missing that flight, too! I had to leave Security and go ALL THE WAY up back to TICKETING to get another ticket & get on standby for another flight.

I have toddlers to get back to & I am a military Veteran! I am 70% disabled & you guys are aggravating my disability; I am livid and upset! Not to mention my right leg that I broke in the military HURTS from all the running around! You guys need to train your Southwest Staff! You guys shouldn’t act like consumers fly every day and we are supposed to automatically know that we have to leave Security and go ALL The way back up to Ticketing to get another ticket printed for us in order to get on another flight!

The only compliment I have is Magdalena from upstairs at the ticketing counter who promptly printed up another ticket and told me that I had to if that happened again. If Deborah Copeland told me this in the first place, I would have not missed my flight or wasted so much time!

When I made it back through Security, I complained to Dave Lester, who was nice enough to write “XT” on my ticket and Stamp “South 714” on my ticket which supposedly means that I won’t be boarding with Boarding Group B30; that I’d be boarding between A&B. Let’s see if I get hassled about that, too. That was nice of him, but just bc someone missed their flight, doesn’t mean they need to be treated like criminals. I have watched all day today your staff treat people, who miss their flight, like IMBECILES. I don’t know if they are unhappy or hate their jobs, but we are PAYING customers & they work customer service & should do their jobs correctly.

Thanks so much for the horrendous ending to my vacation, Southwest! Will be writing more complaints and reviews till I hear back!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of southwest airlines flight. Southwest Airlines needs to "their staff needs to be fired or trained. not my fault they don't make a salary" according to poster's claims.

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